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Incentive Awards and
Customer Loyalty Programs

Do you want to improve employee performance and contributions to your business? Do you have special customers you want to reward for their loyalty and purchases?

Incentive Awards and Customer Loyalty programs are proven methods to increase profits and improve your bottom line. They can help you be more competitive in the market place and stave off loss of business to new competitors. Incentive Awards and Customer Loyalty programs are one of the most powerful tools available to businesses today.
First Things First...
One of the first decisions you must make is what type of Incentive Travel Program you want to implement. That is a function of the goals you set and your plan for how to achieve those goals. You need to carefully evaluate the return on investment (ROI) you stand to gain versus the overall costs of the program. Once you know what you want to achieve, the following types of programs can be used individually or in tandem with one another.

Types of Incentive Travel Programs - click here to ask for assistance

Individual Incentive Awards 
This type of award is for when only one person from the company will traveling as a reward or recognition for something they have achieved individually. Often times a spouse or companion is included in the award.
Group or Team Awards
This type of award is for when a group or team achieves a result that is deemed of significant value to the employer and the employer rewards and recognizes the group or team for the exceptional contribution. This can be a predefined goal or awarded for exceptional performance initiated by the group or team. 
 Company Wide Performance Campaigns
This type of award is when the company sets an overall goal to achieve something specific and measurable within a designated time frame and recognizes that every division, function and activity within the company plays a role in achieving that goal. Specific performance goals are set within each unit to benchmark the contribution required to meet or exceed the goal. These may be structured as points programs where points are award for successful achievement of predefined tasks that lead to improved company performance overall and in specific operational areas.
Sales Incentive Awards
This type of award is utilized to motivate the sales force to achieve increased sales over and above what would normally be expected. These programs typically have a defined time period, are multi-tiered and have specific measurement criteria and identify the reward to be earned at each tier level.
Incentive Programs Combined With Meetings or Training  Programs
These programs typically combine an important business function such as an annual meeting, specialized training or directors meetings. The award program ties in based on achievement of predefined goals and measurement system wherein the award is graduated based on the level of accomplishment. To learn more, visit www.meetingsonships.com
Customer Loyalty Programs

These programs are often structured to help stave of new competition by providing incentives to your long time premium customers to continue to do business with you
Product Launch Campaigns
In order to promote a new product or product line, awards programs are designed around who can move the most product into the marketplace in a specified time period. The reward and recognition are proportionate to the perceived importance of introducing the product to the largest number of consumers possible.
Dealer Incentive Programs
This type of award program seeks to build brand loyalty and promotion with the retail outlet and encourage the dealer to direct sales toward your product or product line over another. The opportunity to attain a reward deemed of value to the dealer increases your market share.
Member-Get-a-Member Campaigns
This type of award program is specifically geared to membership based organizations wherein you use the credibility and experience of current members to increase your membership base. The recruiting member is essentially a testimonial for your organization and is generally the most influential type of new member recruitment tool.
Tenure Recognition Awards
These awards are provided in recognition of an employee or associates tenure with the company. For example, when an employee reaches their 10th year with the company they may be given a trip to reward their longevity. As motivators, these are not particularly effective as you are typically awarding existence and not necessarily performance. *A Note on Goal Setting
Remember, to be effective the goal must be specific, achievable and measurable. To the extent possible, it should be challenging and fun. You must also provide the participant with the tools necessary to be successful. The reward for achieving the goal must be perceived as valuable by the recipient or your program will likely struggle.

A Prescription for Failure
One important thing to keep in mind with Incentive Awards programs is that the fastest way to undermine it is to reward marginal or problem employees with the same rewards you are giving your best employees or top producers. While your marginal employees will love it, you will demotivate your best people who will see your program as meaningless. Another mistake is to make the goals so easy to achieve they become irrelevant to actual improved performance.

Tough Times Produce Great Incentive Programs
Some of the best, most effective incentive programs have come about in the most difficult economic times or when competition is the fiercest. It is often what sets successful companies apart from those who go out of business. Smart businesses look for ways to do better and achieve more by thinking outside the box. Incentive Travel Programs are a highly useful tool in accomplishing that.
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